"Shakti" power is about claiming your personal sovereignty

• You must say NO to what you don’t want to say YES!!! to what you do.

• We must prepare to live your purpose, cultivate healthy partnerships and live our potential!

Relationship coaching will support you in:

Becoming more aware of your self perceptions and motivations

Improving the quality of your life by improving the quality of your relationships

Developing your vision statement, and focusing in on what is most important now

Practicing vulnerability, and receptivity.

Creating conscious relationships, attracting power partners

Communicating with more compassion

Committing to cultivating self-partnership

Owning your vitality and magnetism

Like mirrors, all of our relationships reflect the one we have with our Self 

The level to which we love, honor, and respect ourselves determines the quality of relationships we attract

The love that we cultivate in our heart is the only “vibe” that attracts Love to us

Whatever you believe, you will receive

You can choose to use your past challenges to become more powerful and aware 

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