Marriage is Grand, Divorce is 100 Grand!....Are you ready to commit to yourself 100%, and go after kind of romantic partnership you are yearning to create?   If so....Prepare for, attract and maintain lasting love by falling in love with yourself first.  

Relationship coaching with me is for highly motivated singles who are ready to move beyond what has been holding them back in love.  Together we design a relationship built on mutual trust, focused on your success.  Coaching requires an investment of energy and time.  If you are someone who knows in your heart:  "now is the time, and I am ready!"  Don't be shy, I am a "professional" ( just like your accountant), with a spiritual foundation.  Your heart is sacred to me, and so are relationships.

Let's schedule a time to talk, so we can see if working together feels like a good fit.  

In love, 


Stacia Shree Ma aka:  "Staci Weller" has been a studied Dzogchen Tantra and Vedic teachings for over 20 years, with an Enlightened lineage. She is a Certified Professional Coach, Tantric Priestess, Personal Growth nerd, and EcoFeminist leader.   Her passion is to support individuals in improving the quality of their relationships with others by improving the quality of the relationship they have with themselves.  Staci's coaching is based on honoring your inner wisdom, with radical self- acceptance.  A coaching relationship with Staci is client-centered and designed to support your unique journey from where you are now, to where you want to be. 

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(360)543-3279 or [email protected]

At Date Coach Northwest we believe: 

• Love is a skill that is cultivated from a place of love, regard, and respect for yourself first.

• You must say NO to what you don’t want to say YES!!! to what you do.  

• We must prepare for the healthy partnership of our dreams! 

Relationship coaching will support you in:

  • Becoming more aware of your dating motivations
  • Improving the quality of your life by improving the quality of your relationships
  • Developing skills for consciously navigating attraction, red flags, first date locations, and topics of conversation.
  • Practicing vulnerability, and receptivity.
  • Creating conscious relationships
  • Communicating with more compassion
  • Committing to cultivating self-partnership
  • Attracting at a higher level 

Coaches ask questions you would not ask yourself, like:

Like mirrors, all of our relationships are reflections of the one we have with ourself

The level to which we love, honor, and respect ourselves determines the quality of relationships we attract

The love that we cultivate in our heart is the only “vibe” that attracts Love to us

Whatever you believe, you will receive

You can choose to use your past challenges to become more powerful and aware 

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