What about the cake?

We liken our"Attraction in Action" coaching program to creating a gorgeous cake.  Singles can often find a supportive wing-wo/man, to offer advice about the mechanics of dating and external presentation.  In this case, the focus is lost in on the frosting and décor, which is often quite beautiful but those things are not what makes the cake memorable.  It must be acknowledged that it is what is inside the cake, or in this case who we are inside, that makes for a truly successful relationship. Do you have people in your life trained to support you in building a strong foundation or making a “cake” that your family and friends remember for years to come? The cake recipe we use is the "Life Coaching" model, made with ingredients that have been time proven to support a foundation for success in all areas of your life. It is made with Love using only the finest organic ingredients, mixed well and baked perfectly. Prepared properly and with your commitment, when the cake comes out of the oven it is delicious, light, and sweet! 

At Date Coach Northwest, a well-prepared cake comes in the form of a Relationship and Dating Plan. Such a plan to a single person wanting to attract lasting LOVE, is the same a business plan for a startup company-INVALUABLE!

OK, here is another coaching question:

“What sort of cake are you serving up?”

Once you have you have successfully completed the "Attraction in Action" coaching program, you will operate at a  higher level of self-awareness. It is our hope that your next romantic relationship will be based on the intention of "mutual personal growth". This level of commitment should be a non-negotiable for all singles who wish to have a healthy relationship.