Like mirrors, our relationships reflect our sense of Self 

It is critical for singles to have consistent positive support, powerful practices, and community on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.  As your coach, I will meet you where you are now and support you in getting to where you want to be.  Coaching is about tapping inner wisdom, engaging your emotions and your greatest source of strength—your HEART—to reveal your unique path. 

Meet Staci


I am a Certified Professional, Relationship coach, and professional "wing woman" entering my sixth year coaching singles. It is my mission to empower singles to BE the LOVE they wish to attract.

I get you...I understand you because I was you. I experienced many relationships with "unavailable" partners, heartbreak, and wasted time with "trial and error" dating. I also experience many of these same feelings now as an Entrepreneur. The opportunity we have is to choose to be courageous and take the actions that will lead to success and improve the quality of our lives. Through my many years as a Certified Coach, meditation teacher, supporting singles, and successfully attracting the love of my life of many years, I have cultivated skills that will support you in "Being" the love you seek. Just like a trainer at the gym pushes you to build muscle and endurance, I give you compassionate "nudges" to train your heart and support you in being your authentic self instead of being defined by your past.

I act as your "wing-woman" and will do whatever it takes to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. In every area of our life, we hire people to help us, yet often with love, we think it should happen organically. Hiring me as your coach will give you better results in a shorter period of time. I support my clients with everything from A-Z: online profiles, letting go of "baggage", compassionate communication, raising your vibe and of course...your dates. My customized coaching is designed to energize your natural superpower (your heart) necessary to prepare for, attract, and maintain lasting love.

Are you ready to commit to yourself 100% and go after the kind of romantic relationship you are yearning to create? If so, I invite you to reach out to schedule your complimentary discovery session.

From my heart to yours,


Take the Next Step on Your Path.

We must Be who you wish to attract 

Like mirrors, all of our relationships reflect ourselves

The level to which we love, honor, and respect ourselves determines the quality of relationship we attract

The love that we cultivate in our heart is the only “vibe” that attracts Love to us

Whatever you believe, you will receive

We are able to use our past challenges to become more powerful 

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What sets me apart: 

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A heart-centered Life Coach model  

If you choose to work with me as your coach, I will serve as your partner, guide, confidant, accountability partner, and cheerleader to ensure you reach your goals and we celebrate your wins.  My coaching clients are successful professionals with a growth mindset, who welcome the support they need to attract romantic partnership on a higher level. 


My approach is a Life Coaching model designed from the inside out, which honors your unique timing and path. You will enjoy a safe, confidential place to press PAUSE, and focus on who you are vs. the roles you play. I  would love to support you in approaching dating relationships with authentic clarity, and a strong intention!

I help you realize your goals more quickly 

I believe that you already have all that you need to attract your best Match. However, you must say NO, to what you don't want, to make space for and say YES! to what you do want. Life Coaching helps you examine all of your life, and any limiting beliefs or patterns.  I will give you tools that will help you transform stumbling blocks into stepping stones.  You will begin to feel on a deeper level all of the gifts and wisdom that you have received from your past relationships. I will help you to “reframe” your limiting beliefs about relationships, into unlimited empowering beliefs backed up by successful actions! This awareness will serve as your strength and power, as you begin to cultivate faith in yourself on a deeper level.